Research Projects

We Fund Research

Consistently over 95% of all the money raised supports vital kidney research for babies and children across the UK.  In fact, during 2010/11, our costs amounted to under 1%!  We do offer good value to anyone donating to our charity as we are all volunteers.



We need your financial support to fund vital kidney research such as:

  • Defining the best treatment for those children who
    suffer from vesicoureteric reflux
  • Exploring new therapies which can potentially heal
    damaged kidneys
  • Finding the faulty genes which can run in families and
    cause kidney diseases

How we measure Success


Each funded project is peer reviewed and is subject to evaluation through reports and consultation.

In exceptional circumstances Trustees will consider open opportunity applications from senior academic staff or clinical practitioners who have an established research track record. Applications for such an innovation grant will  be submitted on an alternative grant application form, provided on request and will be reviewed by the Chair of the Medical Advisory Panel and if appropriate subject to external review.