Research Projects

Research Grants

All applications made to Kids Kidney Research must first comply with our Research Strategy. The potential applicant is requested to provide information sufficient for our reviewers. They will look critically in a number of areas:


The applicant will need to comply with our terms and conditions and the application may be scrutinised by the ethics committee of the organisation concerned. IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) is also considered, in case there is a commercial side to the research – rare in the type of research we usually fund.

Applications for Grants must be received by Kids Kidney Research between 1st September and 31st December in any given year. Applications at other times will not be considered unless by prior agreement.

Applications are subject to our Peer Review Process involving both members of the charity’s Medical Advisory Panel and external reviewers. In order to maintain our position as a fair and transparent funder, Kids Kidney Research has a clear Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Kids Kidney Research will provide a decision on each application by 30th June of the following year, with drawdown of the grant scheduled for September of the same year.

Please note as at Sept 2014, AMRC additional guidelines KKR comply with, can be found at: AMRC