About Kidney Disease

About Kidney Disease

Kidney disease affects as many as one in ten adults, and many of these diseases are thought to start in childhood. Some childhood kidney diseases cause acute failure in childhood whilst others are chronic, leading to kidney failure in later life.

Kidney failure can be devastating in children as it disrupts physical and social growth and developments. Those on dialysis also have a very high risk of developing both cardiovascular and bone disease which is a result of calcium and phosphate being leached from the bones and deposited in the blood vessels.



That is why the money raised for KKR is so vital,
funding important research into:

  • Healing damaged and faulty kidneys
  • Improving the management of kidney disease by keeping damaged kidneys working for longer and preventing
    them from failing
  • Improving dialysis and transplant effectiveness
  • Understanding how kidney disease develops

Further information on all aspects of kidney disease can be found on the KRUK
(Kidney Research UK) website: Visit site